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It happened again. Your competitor has found a way to land his name in the industry trade journal. Last week he somehow got a guest editorial published in the local paper that probably has his phones ringing off the hook.

You put down the magazine and turn on the TV only to find his clever commercial that compliments his clever print advertisements. You drive down the road and see his clever billboard as you listen to his clever ad on the radio. Then you log on to the web and read about his clever community relations campaign.

You shake your head in disgust, knowing all too well that this media exposure will give him a competitive advantage – and you wish it were you. But let’s face it. You are too busy running your core business to even think about putting together an advertising, marketing and public relations campaign that will take your company to the next level.

How are you going to get there? Stop relying on word of mouth alone to gain new customers and successfully enter new markets. Commit to an integrated marketing communications strategy that will take the sting out of your competitor’s last media move. Take the plunge into the proverbial marketing waters.

But I don’t have the budget for a marketing campaign…

I hear you. There are several obstacles between your company and marketing success: skill, time and money. First of all, you don’t know how to swim in the marketing ocean – and you can’t afford to drown learning.

Besides, copywriting and design were never your favorite pastimes. And who has the budget for a Microsoft-sized advertising agency anyway? Well, maybe Microsoft does. But you don’t have multiplied millions to run an unprofitable communications campaign.

What’s a time-starved business owner to do? The decision is black and white: call Revelation Media Networks. Our company has the savvy, the skill, and the patience to guide growing companies like yours through the process of developing and executing a communications strategy.

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