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A Master of SEO Tactics
I have been working with Jennifer for the past five months on a massive website project that has included writing and editing nearly 100 pages of product copy. Not only is Jennifer an exceptional writer, she is professional, tireless and a pleasure to work with overall. Jennifer takes the time to truly understand what she is tasked with writing about, and she is extremely knowledgeable about the critical aspects of writing for the web today - from specific writing styles to the most important SEO tactics. Jennifer has added value every step of the way during this enormous undertaking. I highly recommend her for any writing project.
Rachel Meranus, Vice President of Public Relations
PR Newswire

Working with FORTUNE 50s
I've hired and worked with copywriters for 20 years. Finding good ones seems like it should be an easy task, but never (ever) is. Sloppy and lifeless work abounds. Jennifer, however, is one of a very small handful that I would recommend instantly and without hesitation regardless of subject matter. She does her homework, knows the details and is meticulous, creative and fast. We do an enormous amount of work with a Fortune 50 client in three languages across five countries. Jennifer handles all of the details, localizes content and turns it around on deadline every time. In hundreds of projects she has never failed to pull off what often seems impossible, making me look great in the process. I can give no better praise than that. Hire her. You will not be disappointed.

Doug Borsch, Principal
Perfect Planit, Inc.

Marketing Copy for Dell
Jennifer and I worked together as contractors for a marketing agency servicing Dell Computers. As the project manager I coordinated project activity which included Jennifer's contributions of numerous articles. She is creative, dedicated, delivered on time every time and was super easy to work with. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat.

Sandor Kiss, President
TeamThink, Inc.

Deftly Spinning Phrases
From the first paragraph I read by Jennifer, I knew that I needed her on my team. It was clear she was a solid, no-nonsense writer, with a good style and ability to spin phrases deftly and to the point. I have worked with her on a daily basis since December 2008 and she never misses a beat, is tireless and needs little guidance, but accepts any offer of guidance graciously and pushes back where necessary and appropriate. I would highly recommend Jennifer for any writing or editorial assignment.

Mike Sullivan, Publisher

Articulate, Creative, Personal & Professional
Jennifer's writing on behalf of my company produced excellent results. As a good listener, she was able to quickly and professionally accomplish the assignments given her. She is articulate, creative, personable and professional. I strongly recommend Jennifer to others.
Jim Currie, Founder and former CEO
LevelVision, LLC.

A Self-Motivated Business Partner
Jennifer is a hard working and self-motivated business partner. Her research skills are top notch - she soaks up information faster than anyone I know! I look forward to working with Jennifer in the future.

Robert M. Hoehn, VP, Client Services
Survey Analytics

Delivers High Quality On Time
Jennifer is a professional who delivers on time what she committed to do and with high quality. She understands the subject matter at a very detailed level and delivers. I also very much enjoyed the experience working with Jennifer. She is a go-to person on my rolodex.

Dora Vell, Principal
Vell & Associates, Inc.

Picture-Painting Words
Curious people ask questions. Jennifer knows how to organize the answers into a collection of concepts, string picture-painting words together, and craft an authored piece worth reading. And, oh yes, she can do that on an endless variety of topics. In addition, in my dealings with Jennifer, I found her to be a genuinely nice person. Be confident in securing her services and gaining her advice.

Steve Cooper, Marketing Services Manager
Chamberlain Access Services

Excellent Business Resource
Jennifer LeClaire has been an excellent writing resource for our business. Jennifer has consistently delivered articles on time that are both interesting and informative.
Tom Coughlin, President
Air-Sur, Inc.

Navigating the Web 2.0 World
Whether managing a complete project or just being an ongoing sounding board, Jennifer has made a big impact on the success and development of several of our sites including and Jennifer is an experienced web consultant who I can trust to not just tell me what I want to hear, but what will help my business.

Russ Snapper, President
Arcavate Corporation

Technical, Analytical and Patient
We looked to Jennifer in the beginning stages of our company to produce press releases, white papers, and other corporate marketing materials. She quickly understood our perspectives and authored highly technical and business analytical copy. Jennifer was patient in the ever-changing scope of writing these strategic materials for a growing company.

Brad Levine, CEO
Blue Frog Solutions

A Full Service Partner
We needed a full-service partner that could help us generate a buzz for this new seminar format. Revelation Media has the insights we need to draw people aboard.

RK Kliebenstein, Principal
Educational Resources

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